Randers Regnskov


How might we communicate the topics genetic resources, cryo-conservation, biodiversity and rewilding, in an exhibition in conjunction with a cryogen bank in Randers Regnskov?

Bachelor project at Designskolen Kolding.

Create ideas that communicate the 4 topics and design an exhibition.

Plan and 3D rendering of the exhibition, showing my ideas for the communication.

The 4 topics

A term describing everything alive on our planet, from fungi to panda bears to wheat. Essential for human life (we are part of it). Bigger biodiversity = more species.
Freezing genes from plants or animals to preserve them in case of extinction. These genes can then be reintroduced to avoid diseases etc.

Genetic resources
A living animal or plant carrying genes worth preserving. Serves same purpose as cryo-conservation.
Reintroduce species that has been native to a given area of nature. For examples Bisons in Denmark.

Final Concept

Randers Regnskov

I was fortunate enough that Randers Regnskov wanted to work with me through my bachelor project. Randers Regnskov is an artificial rainforest in the middle of Jylland in Denmark.

What makes them unique is that the area consists of 3 domes, where 90% of the exotic animals roam free around. 

Besides being an attraction, they spend a lot of time fighting for the preservation of our planet’s nature. 

Research: Target Group

As I initiate all projects I started collecting data about my target group. This is to help me ensure that the design decisions and ideas I create makes sense as to who is going to use them. 

I gained access to a questionnaire with 800+ participants. These data I made simple visualisations to gain insights into parameters like age, gender and geographical location. 

The graph on the left shows the age of the visitors which spans from small children to seniors.

Qualitative Data

Having loads of quantitative data about the users, I needed some qualitative as well, to get the whole picture. I wandered around the rainforest for several days, taking pictures and interviewing people about their experience.

I also asked about the their opinion and knowledge of biodiversity.

Facebook Data

I also used the reviews on Randers Regnskov’s facebook page as a data source, to get a better image of what kind of people visit the rainforest.

Target Group

Nearing the end of the target group definition phase, it became clear to me that the it was very broad. I basically had to take every age into account in this design.

As the graph below shows, the more interest a visitor has, the more information needs to be available for that person.

Research: Competition

Going out borrowing ideas and see what works and what doesn’t was essential to this project. I had never designed an exhibition before, so I had to start observing.

This research enabled me to create a list of requirements that I had to fulfil.
My Requirements
  • Analog interactivity
  • Experiences for both child and adult
  • Tactile environments
  • Facts should relate to humans
  • Activate as many senses as possible

Randers Regnskov’s Requirements
  • Communicate 3 topics
  • Educational and fun
  • Highlight sponsors

I could also narrow it all down to two success criteria for this design:
  1. The guest has to have a greater understanding of the essentiality of biodiversity.
  2. The experience should be so good that the guest will recommend Randers Regnskov to others.

Moodboards / Idea boards

I had my research, my target group. I had the information about the 3 topics that had to be in the exhibition. Now it was time to generate ideas about how to communicate them.

User Flow

My contact persons at Randers Regnskov already had an idea how the exhibition should be arranged. I did not agree with this, so I persuaded them to reconsider using these user flow visualisations (the red line).

The discarded arrangement.
My optimised arrangement.

The different floors is to show the visitor that it is a new subject being told about. For instance, the rewilding section has a grass floor, whereas the cryo-conservation freezer has an “icy” blue floor.


All the graphics I produced adhered to the internal graphic style guide of Randers Regnskov. I produced several posters with information, for the exhibition. Some of them are still sketches.

︎ Unfortunately the building process of the exhibition has been delayed for now.