Rahbek Media


How might we redesign the identity and website of Rahbek Media to align it with the modern and expanding vision of the company?

Freelance project for the Danish video production company Rahbek Media.

Create a cohesive identity and redesign the website.

Small brand manual and website design.

Modern, serious and youthful

I was approached by Rahbek Media and asked to create an identity for them. Their problem was that they did not really have any guidelines for their brand and thus no cohesiveness.

In addition I was also asked to redesign their website.

Through a custom designed website and an expanded identity, they wanted to feel more modern and serious, while still letting the youthfulness of the company shine through.

Redesigned Website

Images showing the redesigned website. I took the typographic elements and used the yellow rectangle to drive the whole design. I immediately knew I wanted to have a lot of white space on the pages, to really let the videos take the spotlight.

Previous Design

One of the key points in the redesign was, according to Rahbek Media, to get rid of the “generic Wordpress theme”-look, which is quite obvious if you spent time looking at websites for smaller companies.

Structure of the Site

The content was to be the same on the new site, but a part of the redesign was a restructuring of it. I chose to simplify the navigation, since many of the pages could be collapsed and thereby create more order. It was also part of the plan since I wanted each page to be a “scrollable layout”, having more control of when each piece of information is served.

Identity: Logo

Previously the only thing that was consistent for Rahbek Media’s identity was the logo. The logo was all they wanted to keep, other than that I had free hands.

Identity: Typography

I started out by finding two typefaces that works well together to have the fundamental tools for the identity.

After going through many, many fonts, I ultimately decided on the combination between the sans-serif DIN 2014 and the serif Harfang.

Identity: Graphical Elements

I added a pronounced color to give myself more room to play with. I dubbed it Molly Mustard, and it was sampled from the new company car of Rahbek Media, to strengthen the cohesiveness. 

Along with sketching I created a moodboard to help my self decide on a suiting graphical element to add to the toolbox.

I took the mustard color and combined it with the dimensions of the logo, to have a breaking and floating rectangle to carry the identity further. This rectangle can also be seen throughout the website. It is a very versatile element to work with: keeping the proportions it can be scaled to fit every piece of digital or collateral design.