Jeg ser et dyr


How might we create a native app that enables the user to take a picture of an unknown animal, and through a series of excluding yes/no questions figure out what animal it is?

School project at Designskolen Kolding.

Develop a simple native app using

Native app with functioning databases.

App concept

I chose to develop an app, that makes it possible to figure out what animal you are looking at, by going through a series of questions. Why? Because animals are nice, and I often feel that my generation and those to come, have lost contact with basic knowledge about the wild life surrounding us. We need all the help we can get. I realise that this app is quickly becoming outdated with the rise of AI and extensive image recognition, and I cannot wait for that to happen.


Initial Concept Wireframe

At first I wanted to make a very simple app. The user takes a picture of an animal, then choose a category: mammal, bird, reptile, in the ocean. The user would then scan through all the mammals for example, until they find the right one. Lastly they would add some information about the spotting and upload the image and text to the map, for other users to see.

I sketched the user journey and made the wireframe using Balsamiq.

Research and Enhancing the Concept

After making the initial concept mockup, I felt there was an option I omitted which would enhance the project. What if the user did not know whether it was an animal or a reptile? I wanted to make it easier for the user to pick the right animal, even if they did not know anything about animals. So I began my journey to research animal classification. It turns out it is a huge and very complex area of biology.

Getting The Animal Classification Right
I had to consult several biologists to make sure I was taking on a task which was actually possible. With help from the experts I created this tree of excluding yes/no questions. The questions are based on appearance of the animal, something the user already has (because of the image they take).


Through the moodboard I established the visual feeling I wanted the app to have. It became clear that it was about the colours you find in nature. I decided to mute the colours to let the images from the users stand out more.