Because real hugs last more than 5 seconds

...okay, really, my name is Esben Rahbek.
ESBEN ESBEN just has a certain fashionable brutality to it. 

I grew up in the northern part of Denmark in a small town, where nobody has heard of design. But everybody knows what ‘gylle’ is, since it is a bigger part of their lives. 

I got into design, so naturally I decided to move away from said small town.

I went on to take a bachelor’s degree in communication design at Designskolen Kolding, which I finished in 2016. I am currently on the master’s degree at the same school in the same course, scheduled to finish in 2019.

I live in Copenhagen.

All this you can read more about on my LinkedIn.

Should you work with me?
My dear Danish mom tells me that I am a provider of smiles and a catalyst for imagination. So I guess it’s true, since my mom never would let me participate in American Idol (the “are you an honest mom?”-test).

My mom is also very proud of all the work I do, so if you haven’t yet, check it out.

What I do is what I like doing
I like 3D animation, 2D animation, sfxing, vfxing, editing, crafting lasting stories, recording videos, taking photographs, designing services, designing interfaces, designing user experiences.

My life is about doing things that have a kind impact on many people.



“And remember, the best 💩 are made alone, but the best design is made together.”